WWE 2K18 1.0

Wrestling game that features popular wrestlers, customized characters, eight-man matches, story modes and backstage segments

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WWE 2K18 is the latest annual installment in the popular wrestling game franchise. While the base game remains the same, a number of improvements have arrived. Longtime players will see the usual annual upgrades with a few nice surprises thrown in. In marketing materials, 2K Games mentioned the immense amount of work put into the title. Many fans held high hopes before the game released, but how does WWE 2K18 stack up?

Past Fans Will Know What To Expect Here

This particular game doesn't change its formula too much from previous entries. Players can choose from dozens of different wrestlers from the past and present. At the beginning, a medium-sized stable of wrestlers are available. Others can be unlocked through in-game currency or by meeting different requirements. Create-A-Wrestler returns with countless customization options for the look and style of a custom wrestler.

Gameplay remains the same with only slight modifications. Basic strikes and grappling moves are available during each match. However, more intricate lifts, scoops and dives lead to more interesting spots and matches. Speaking of matches, WWE 2K18 features over a dozen match types as well as customizable matches, arenas and championships. MyPlayer Career mode, Universe mode, and online multiplayer are available as well.

A Game With Many Positives and Well-Done Features

WWE 2K18 succeeds in a lot of areas where past titles have failed. The graphical enhancements make this PC title the best looking game in the franchise. Also, an incredibly large and diverse roster of wrestlers never hurts. Customization features and fast-paced gameplay keep everything interesting. Players can play this game the way they prefer, and they don't have to worry about too many limitations.

A Game With A Fair Amount of Flaws and Misfires

Then again, WWE 2K18 isn't a perfect wrestling game, and it's not the best ever. The MyPlayer Career mode is a drag and doesn't add much to the game. A loot box system for unlocking movesets and Create-A-Player items seems pointless and frustrating. Plus, certan in-match controls and features seem convoluted rather than intuitive. Online play is hit or miss as well, and some notable match types are missing here.

In the end, WWE 2K18 was advertised as a revolutionary game in the franchise. Graphical updates and a large roster can't save this game from being an incremental upgrade. Wrestling fans will find some enjoyment in WWE 2K18, but disappointment lurks in the shadows, too. 2K Games tried a couple of new things with the franchise, and not every change is positive. This is an above average wrestling game that had much more potential.


  • The game features a large roster of current and former wrestlers.
  • Updated graphics and better performance than past games
  • A wide range of game modes and customization options


  • WWE 2K18 is filled with graphical bugs and glitches.
  • Gameplay controls may feel complicated and unintuitive at times.
  • Not every player will like the loot box system.

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